Baggage Burdens

Jill Kreshky has not had an easy life, and the latest incident is no exception. She has been separated from her Ukrainian husband, Joseph, for six months when she is involved in a horrific car accident that leaves her seriously injured and lying in a hospital bed.

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"Shares the story of one woman’s quest to find healing, forgiveness, and peace. "

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The video refers to a fun event at an annual festival (K days).

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Reading Body Language

Ken Saik | 2018-10-23

How do people communicate with each other? What is the most effective form of communication? In today’s world, more and more, texting seems to be the popular choice for communicating. It has taken over from emailing, which replaced phone calls. Letters is really a relic from the past. However, when it comes to discussing matters […]

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Ken Saik | 2018-10-23

You don’t belong. What a hurtful message, even unbelievable. Many people strive to make adjustments in their looks, their behavior in hopes of being accepted. Can this round peg shave its edges to look more square? The problem is the effort is often painful and the results are not what is hoped for. Even worse […]

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Ken Saik, a retired high school social studies teacher, turns to writing poetry, stories, and novels to entertain and explore individuals’ personal struggles.


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